- Mobile Advertising Network

How it works?

Please note: 
1) that the minimum amount of budget is
50.00 US$ or 50.00 EURO daily;


2) AdInstaMedia Network is not a self-service platform (non-SSP) and managed by the Network's Staff manually;


3) Payments are processed by PayPal and doesn't include service fees

Make a request to place your ad in our mobile traffic set (applications list will be checked)

Network's Staff will check the possibility to run your Campaign on the date specified. If it's possible, the Staff member will send you an official Contract or Invoice to pay

You will send us the graphical banners (standard IAB banners) and we're ready to run the campaign

Check your statistics after

1 hour of Campaign's launch. We recommend to use the URL Shorteners to check the global data

 Lots' of Worldwide
Ad Impressions Daily

nr. 2

 Smart targeting for Audience; Gender; Age; Geo; Interests

nr. 3

        Pay only for CLICKS

             (CPC model)