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How To Build A Successful Network Marketing Business

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Being successful in a network marketing business is really not a complicated task. All you need to do is focus on 4 key areas, and with the right attitude and consistent action, your business will grow and grow.

Did you know that most network marketers fail to make any real income?

Is this to say that there is something wrong with this industry?


The problem is that the average network marketer is never taught the skills necessary to be successful in building an income with their business.

Below are the four main reasons for the failure rate in this industry.

M – Money

Most people know that it takes money to build any kind of business. However many business owners simply do not create a monthly budget that they can draw from to continue their marketing efforts over time.

A – Action

Its great that a network marketing business allows you to work only a few hours a day, and still give you the ability to grow a thriving business.

However, the average owner spends those hours just keeping busy and not doing the actions that will actually generate an income.

Real action means that you are communicating your marketing message to your prospect.

To do this most effectively we develop marketing systems that find the right prospects for us automatically.

The key to developing such a system is to learn how to use advertising to ATTRACT people to YOU and YOUR business.

P – Prospects (Or lack there of.)

Simply put we need PEOPLE to market to. The more people we find that are interested in our “thing”, the more sales we make.

The more sales we make, the bigger our network marketing business will grow.

S – Skill

The 3 pitfalls for network marketing business failure that we just talked about have to do with underdeveloped skills.

We must learn to create and manage a budget.

We must learn to take the right action.

And we must learn how to find and interact with our prospects.

This means, that building a network marketing business is doable, IF you take the time to learn the skills you need to succeed.

I cannot stress more the importance of proper marketing training.

Most of us come into this industry with no sales/marketing know how. Unfortunately this also means that we usually can’t rely on our uplines to teach us either. To be successful in network marketing we have to think outside of the box and get some training.

Knowing that you need a well laid plan to achieving your network marketing goals is the first step to success.

With some new skills and the proper network marketing resources, you will be well on your way to building a prosperous business in this industry.

How to Develop Effective Online Advertising Campaigns

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For the home business owner, knowing how to create an effective online advertising campaign can make or break the business. Once you have created your business around your product, now comes the time to develop and promote your brand. Knowing how to effectively create and execute an online advertising campaign will keep your business thriving in the fast-past, social media world.

In addition, once you have created your brand and advertising artwork, it is a good idea to purchase an advertising insurance policy. Such a policy will protect your brand against copyright infringement and provide your business protection against slander and libel.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords will drive users to your site. Users who search for the keywords you specify when setting up your Google AdWords account will see your ads in the advertising bar of the search results. Interested and motivated potential customers will find you through Google AdWords.

Invest a modest amount of money in AdWords to see how this strategy works for your business. Google AdWords is scalable and if you find that your AdWords account is generating a great deal of traffic to your site, you can always add more keywords to your account.

Certain web hosting companies offer specials, like $100 in free Google AdWords advertising, when you host your site with them. Shop around for deals on AdWords with web hosting companies. In addition, Google AdWords will offer specials and discounts via coupon codes and other promotions. Take advantage of sales that are offered and increase your ROI for your advertising dollar.

Facebook Ads

Facebook sells ads to businesses at a fair price. If you have a target demographic in mind for your potential consumer, ads on Facebook will target the specified demographic and drive potential customers to your brand’s Facebook page or website.

Facebook allows businesses to set target demographic metrics, such as age, gender, interests and product categories, to see your ads. Select product categories for brands similar to your brand to drive interested customers to your site.

Facebook Ad specials are also offered by many online promotional sites. Use promotional discounts when you find them to purchase Facebook Ads for your business.

LinkedIn Ads

Particularly if your product or brand caters to other businesses, LinkedIn paid ads will display to companies who search for businesses and products similar to yours. Similar to Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads allow you to target your ads to a certain demographic, geographical area or job title. You can even target ads to specific LinkedIn Groups.

Create a Facebook Brand Page

Create a Facebook page dedicated to your business or brand. Invite potential customers to the page. Publish interesting content that will generate comments and feedback. In addition, post specials, discounts and promotional codes for those who follow you on the social network.

Sign up with Bing Local, Google Places and Yahoo Local

Bing Local, Google Places and Yahoo Local are all local directories for businesses. These services are free and they display your geo-located business ads on search results that are location-specific.
Signing up for these local listing directories is as simple as filling out a Web form. Complete the form and people will find your business listing when they search for businesses in your geographical area.

Publish a Blog and Use Guest Bloggers

One of the best ways to generate a buzz about your brand or product is to publish a blog. Invite guest bloggers to post blogs on your site. Great content that generates comments will provide more advertising for your brand than the purchase of many paid advertising.

Creating a successful and effective online advertising campaign for your small business does not have to be expensive or require a great deal of investment in terms of time. Spending a couple of hours per day dedicated to online promotion of your brand may drive potential customers to your site and generate revenue for your business.

If you are able to budget a small amount of money for advertising, purchase Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads to target specific demographics for your product. Get the most from your advertising budget by targeting those potential customers most likely to be interested in your product.

Using Banner Advertising to Get More Traffic

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One of the greatest things about banner advertising is the fact that you can easily get 1,000 visitors a day to your site if you know how to use this source the right way. In this article, I want to show you exactly how to make this happen in your market.

Step #1 – You have to make sure you don’t try and do it right away.

Most people simply go out and buy banners on every site in their niche market and think they are going to get 1,000 visitors a day.

The bottom line is that if you do this you are going to end up spending a lot of money and you might not have anything to show for it as you have to make sure you can make your system work on a small scale before you ramp it up really large.

Step #2 – You have to make sure you are in a niche market where you can actually get the kind of traffic you are looking to get.

If you are in a really small niche market you are not going to be able to get 1,000 visitors a day to your site! That is just a reality that you have to deal with!

So make sure you are focused on finding a market that you know you can actually get a lot of traffic in and you will be a lot better off and will hopefully make a lot more money.

Then work at it site by site and start building up your traffic to that level!

The Do’s and Don’t of Banner Design

Creating a banner design is not a hard task and you can easily make your own flash banner by hiring the services of a graphics expert or by using the flash banner software. Choosing a designer or banner software depends upon the choice and banner design needs of individuals however there are few important things about banner design that you may keep in mind while designing a banner.

Use flash animation: Flash banners attract more visitor attention that simple banners and also CTR and ROI of flash animated banners are more as compared to normal graphic banner ads.

Highlight your business: Always highlight your business marketing plan in your banners and make sure your banner ad has a theme similar to your website and business.

Keep it Simple: Use simple animation and design patterns. Don’t overwork on animation ad it may cause longer load time and the visitor may get irritated or leave the banner ad right away.

Check your links: Double check the links in your banner ads, broken links are the major cause of failure of banner ad campaigns.

Use call to action: Use a visible call to action like click here, find more etc. This will make users to visit your website.

Keep your banners up to date: Always keep your banner designs up to the latest trends in the industry. The banner designs that are popular today may not attract visitor attention tomorrow. So keep on experimenting with your banner designs.